• Chris Voss - Never Split the Difference Negoation Course

Never Split the Difference: Beyond the Book is an online course that covers the concepts from the book and takes a deeper dive with updated and brand new approaches. In addition, you will have the ability to practice these techniques in fully interactive role-playing scenarios. With over 8 hours of content, you will develop the skills you need in order to get the best deal possible.

What's Included:
The New Rules
- Heart vs Mind
- Life is Negotiation
Be a Mirror
- Introduction
- The Voice
- How to Confront
- Summary
- Simulation
Don't Feel Their Pain, Label It
- Tactical Empathy
- Labeling
- Negative and Positive
- Accusation Audit
- Summary
- Simulation
Beware "Yes", Master "No"
- Introduction
- "No" Starts it
- Persuade in Their World
- "No" is protection
- Summary
- Simulation
Trigger the Two Words That Immediately Transform Any Negotiation
- Introduction
- "That's Right"
- Using "That's Right"
- Simulation
Bend Their Reality
- Don't Compromise
- Deadlines
- The F-Word
- Emotional Drivers
- Get a Better Salary
- Summary
- Simulation
Create the Illusion of Control
- The Other Side
- Suspend Unbelief
- Calibrate
- Summary
- Simulation
Guarantee Execution
- "Yes" and "How"
- Liars, Jerks and Everyone Else
- Influence
- The 7-38-55%
- Turning it Around
- Summary
- Simulation
Bargain Hard
- Introduction
- What Type are You
- Taking a Punch
- Punching Back
- Ackerman Bargaining
- Simulation
Find the Black Swan
- Leverage
- Three Types of Leverage
- Know Their Religion
- Mistakes #1, #2, #3
- Overcoming Fear
- Final Simulation
Hostage Negotiator-Leadership
- Introduction
- The Framework
- "It's Not About You"
Ego Authority Failure
- Engaging and Defusing with Tactical Empathy
- Sequencing and the Human Nature Response
- Calibrated Questions and Paraphrasing
- Summary
- Scenario

GB 3.5

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Chris Voss - Never Split the Difference Negoation Course

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